2 am Friend For A Better Life

2 min readMar 15, 2021

My 2 A.M. Friend Inam Aashish.

Find your 2 A.M. Friends.

Are you trying to do life your own? Do you feel the weight of loneliness sapping your strength? If so, I have an answer for you: 2 A.M. Friends.https://bewiseandsuccessful.com/category/friendship/

A person I admire often speaks about his 2 A.M. Friends — the friends that he can call at 2 A.M. when his life jumps the rails when he needs help when he’s on the edge.

The true measure of a 2 A.M. Friend is not that you can call them at any time in the day or night. What makes a true 2 A.M. Friend is that they’d be upset if you didn’t call them when life throws you that curveball. They’d be hurt if you didn’t reach out to them in your time of need.

Now wouldn’t you agree that’s a friend worth having!

2 A.M. Friends don’t come easily. During your lifetime you’ll be able to count them on one hand, maybe two hands if you’re really lucky.

Do you want to know how to get a 2 A.M. Friend?

Be intentional about developing these relationships. Invest time and energy into friendship. Be there for your friend. Spend time knowing them. Listen to them. Ask empathetic questions, and keep your mouth shut.

If you want to develop a deep relationship with someone else, the relationship can’t be about you. It needs to be about them.

When the time is right, let them know that you are their 2 A.M. Friend. Make sure that your friend knows that they shouldn’t hesitate to call you when they’re in that dark place.

By going through the process of being a 2 A.M.Friend, you’ll find one for yourself.

Invest in a handful of deep relationships, and reap the benefits of having your own 2 A.M. Friends.

Start authentically investing in that friendship.

Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash