How to wake up at 5 am

While you wait for life, life passes. Nobody feels comfortable waking up early in the morning; it is always a stressful and disciplinary act

  1. Plan

Waking up at 5 am starts the day before. You simply cannot retire for the day and tell your body to get up at 5 am the next day; you have to program and set your body for that action. This isn’t just a theory but it is the bedrock of productivity to everything you do in life.

The first question you need to analyze is how many hours of sleep do you need to be a functional human being, to be awake, active and productive? Do you need 5 hours, 6 hours, 7 hours or 8 hours to do this? You have to carefully take note of your sleeping habits and watch your productive level when you have 6 hours or 8 hours rest.

I personally feel tired when I sleep for 10–12 hours because my body system has adjusted to sleeping and getting 6 hours to 7 hours rest every day.

I turn off my phone an hour to bedtime so I can disconnect and create adequate time for myself reflecting, meditating and planning.

This schedule is helping me in my daily routine life.



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